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This is to inform all the citizens of this country over the age of 18 to join a political party today. The time is right now after the completion of the 2017 national election. It is critical to join now as a registered member as this would allow you to know what the party is in relation to its ideology and policies.
The Registry encourages especially women and the youths to join a political party. It would be an advantage to the women who are thinking of standing as candidates in the 2018 LLG Election and those who are intending to stand as candidates in the 2022 national election.
Contact the following staff, Emmanuel Pok, Ila Pala, Madeline Saga and Marie Fraghi if you have any questions on the contacts of the parties. They can be contacted on Telephone 323 2783/323 5369 or on email

Authorised by the Registrar
Dr Alphonse Gelu

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